Amiga Samba file format?

Steve Fosdick fosdicsj at
Tue Apr 28 13:27:50 GMT 1998

"Rask Ingemann Lambertsen" <rask at> wrote:

> However, in the other direction ( PC GUI drag a Unix file
> from Unix share and drop it onto an Amiga share) this copy results
> in a file that my httpd on the Amiga can't read (in the case of
> GIF files; html are OK). It gives me "illegal file type" errors. If
> I use diff the file is identical to the original, and multiview can
> still read it and view it.

Does the Amiga have extra file type information like the Apple
Macintosh, i.e. does it have a mechanism for determining the file
other than inspecting the file extension.  If so maybe that is
not being set correctly.

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