Compiling smbpasswd problems

PayPC System Mail Subscriber spammail at
Sun Apr 26 06:19:15 GMT 1998

> Hello All,
> I've been trying to compile samba-1.9.18p4 for the last couple of hours
> and seem to keep running into problems compiling smbpasswd.  I'm running
> Slackware 3.4

Don't use -DBIGCRYPT -- I certainly don't and I'm Slack 3.4 as well (with all 
the latest 2.0.33 patches/trimmings).   It doesn't hurt to manually add -O2 
-fomit-frame-pointer -m486 (if you have a 486 or better) as well to reduce 
binary size, etc.  

I'm using gcc which is what slack3.4 comes with....  those internal 
signals are usually a sign of bum versions of gcc (can anyone recommend a gcc 
that can compile gmp-2.0 (ssh uses it) on non-Pentium machines?  I've tried and -- both bomb out irreconciliably....  (even turning off 
ALL optimisations/etc) on my AMDK6 box. 


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