2 printing questions.

David E. Cross dec at phoenix.its.rpi.edu
Sat Apr 25 16:26:55 GMT 1998

I have been attempting to setup a samba 1.9.18p4 server to serve printing,
I have run into the problem where NT 3.5.1 hosts cannot connect to the
remote printer without the local user having some admin privledges.  I
understand that this may be a problem with the way NT handles things.  If
someone could either confirm or deny this this I would be greatfull (I
have received replies that it is and is not possible and being done).

The second problem relates to browsing.  I issue the command:
smbclient -L printsrv -U myname -W mydomain

log in when prompted, and for 2 of our print servers it dumps the entire
list, for the other 2 it shows nothing, all of the print servers in
question are NT 4.0 boxes.

(please CC me, as I am not a member of the list, or add me to the list
please :)
David Cross

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