Printing from Win 95 stopped...

Jon Williams jonw at
Sat Apr 25 13:40:14 GMT 1998

Hi Everyone...

I'm wondering if someone can offer some pointers.

Up to a couple of days ago I'd been happily able to print from a Win95 client via Samba on a Redhat Linux 5.0 server (Caldera before) (Laserjet 4, configured as a postscript via ghostscript, and as a plain printer (using PCL drivers under windows). It then stopped printing, giving error messsage under Windows near immediately I try a test print, reporting out of disk space (doesn't say on what machine).

However from Linux the printer works fine, and from Windows 95 on the same machine, I can print fine using the MARS NWE server running concurrently on linux, on the same machine. I therefore suspect its samba returning a status or message to the client....

Can anyone give any pointers as to where to look with samba? or does anyone know of a Microsoft "funny" on the client end. Its very frustrating.

I believe there to be sufficient disk space on both machines...

Please help!

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