win95 file "shared drive" doesn't always show all files.

Jan Vicherek honza at
Fri Apr 24 20:26:30 GMT 1998


   I have a slow (386DX40/16RAM) computer running win95. I have selected
the C and D drive to be shareable.

   When I smbmount the drive, I can cd into it and access it, all is fine.
But most of the time, doing ``ls'' in a directory with large number of
entries it only shows (out of 100 entries) only about 25. I can cd into a
subdir even though it is not listed, but e.g. ``find .'' doesn't detect
it. Sparsely ``ls'' shows all entries.

   Linux 2.0.30, redhat 5.0, smbfs-2.0.1 .

       Help !



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