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I thought I would return this email, it shows that the email is at the
status of 'distrust'..   please respond or correct situation I use this all
the time and don't want to run into any problems because of a breach of
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Date: Tuesday, April 21, 1998 2:21 PM
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>Hi all,
>I have two samba machines running v1.9.18p4. When I try and list the
>shares on the second machine (calvin) fromn the first machine (hobbes) I
>get this:
>Session request failed (131,129) with myname=HOBBES destname=CALVIN
>Not listening for calling name
>Try to connect as another name (instead of HOBBES)
>You may find the -n option useful for this
>Any idea what this is trying to tell me?
>graham at "There's a moon
>VWV Interactive over Bourbon Street
> tonight...
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