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Mac dmccann at nibsc.ac.uk
Sat Apr 18 16:13:20 GMT 1998

Hi all,

>I set up some diskless wfw 3.11 clients at my school. Looks like:
>) I you use the Dos-Client you mentioned, you can mount samba-shares
>   under DOS - but you can't browse the net or connect to shared under. 
>   Windows for Workgroups 3.11 . Actually, this means you could also use
>the "normal" Windows 3.11
>) To get netscape to work, you need a winsock.dll for you dos-tcp-stack -
>Which I didn't find for the Dos-Client from Microsoft or IBM.

Ahh,  this _can_ be done under MS-DOS Client 3.0, but you need to read two
MS KnowledgeBase articles.  One about a vital file for WINSOCK with DOS
Client that isn't installed by the Client installer, and another about
configuring the whole lot.

KB articles are:-

Q142062  and  Q128751

>We "solved" the whole problemy by doing the dos-drivemapping over
>novell-protocols(Using the mars-novell-emulation under linux). We
>installed WfW 3.11 & MS-TCP/IP 32. This now enables the network
>capabilities built-in in wfw 3.11, and it also supplies a winsock.dll


Well, I guess if it works for you.......

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