how to stop WfWG local browse master announcements?

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Sat Apr 18 08:46:32 GMT 1998


On Sat, 18 Apr 1998 05:23:53 +1000, samba at wrote:

>this isn't strictly a samba question, but it is related in that i'm trying
>to a samba server as my domain master browser and multiple samba servers
>as local master browsers for a workgroup across multiple subnets.
>everything seems to be working wonderfully except for one WfWG host
>which does not show up in the browse list as expected.  i notice that
>this host is announcing itself as a local master browser despite the fact
>that there is a samba server on the same subnet acting as a local master.

>is it possible to stop a WfWG host from announcing itself as a local
>master browser?  

WfW announces itself as a local browse master whenever it is configured with the ability to 
share files or printers. In fact this has nothing to do with actually sharing files or printers, 
just with the possibility of doing so.

If you don't need Sharing on this box, set EnableSharing, FileSharing and PrintSharing to 0 in 
SYSTEM.INI and restart Windows. If you need it, experiment with "os level" in smb.conf.


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