service name length for NT 4.0 clients?

Barrie Spence barrie at
Thu Apr 16 20:23:24 GMT 1998

We've found that NT4.0 clients can't connect to samba
services with names longer than 13 (?) characters (the 
service names are truncated in the listings on the client
and it is not possible to connect to the service using 
either the truncated or the full name (even with a 
command-line "net use").

We can create an equally long service name on an NT system
and that is listed ok and works as expected. smbclient lists
truncated names (this may just be a display column width
issue) and allows a connection to the long name Samba 

Is there anyway to make this work correctly? - the underlying
UNIX data storage uses "meaningful" names and we would like
to preserve that when the same storage areas are presented 
to the NT clients.

BTW, we are currently running 1.9.17p5.


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