CRNL <-> NL automatic conversion

Ben Kosse BKosse at
Thu Apr 16 17:44:45 GMT 1998

I think I'll add my own $.02 here (and I think I might have his project,
too. :)

> > pops up in the news. It also seems that Samba doesn't support this
> > feature. So, if I can spend enough time on it, I might consider
> > starting. My first question is, of course: has anyone written this
> > feature ? or even started or tried ?
> I have a comment. I must confess I am averse to
> file servers that modify the content of the files
> they are serving.
I have a question. Aren't file servers supposed to store files, not
change them?

> the AppleTalk Netatalk file sharing code for
> Whistle (my employer) as well as working on
> Samba,
Brief interjection: any one with a corporate intranet, could you please
let me know what your system is like, any problems you've experienced,
etc. as I'm in charge if developing ours, and I'd like to keep it on
something other than NT.

> It tends to slow things down all over the
> code, and what's more it's a nightmare to
> get right - as an added bonus lots of
> applications will break :-).
Yes, and you have to be absolutely certain that the system isn't
modifying any binary files, and you still have the problem of the server
changing files. There's something inherently scary about that.
> Please consider not writing this code and 
> working on some other part of Samba :-) :-).
I've got a project for him: incorporate reverse name lookups for nmbd.

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