Netscape profile scripts?

Ken Weaverling weave at
Thu Apr 16 12:38:44 GMT 1998

Dana Canfield wrote:

> A while back there was a thread in which many people were discussing how
> to make Netscape work with roaming profiles.  There was some talk about
> how this would require a script to modify the registry, etc.

I know you already got a very good response to this (about modifying the
registry to point profiles to a server somewhere).  You may also want to
look at for my notes on
the same topic. I go a step further and create a template account,
subscribed user to some default groups, and then copied the entire user
directory to the server.  When user's log in, the login script looks for a
directory named netscape, and if it doesn't exist, copies the template data
over, modifies prefs.js with the user's personal information, then starts

A crude perl script for doing some of this is on the above page...

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