Howto hook up a Wfw 3.11 client to browse Samba shares on Solaris boxes...

Mark A. Corley mark.corley at
Thu Apr 9 22:33:33 GMT 1998


Sorry if this is the documentation somewhere; however, I need a little
tutorial help on howto configure a Wfw client for Samba:

I have two samba servers, 1.9.18p2, on a couple of our Sun machines running
Solaris 2.3. I know how to gain access from various Win95 machines in our
group; however, I was requested to set up access for a Win3.11 machine today,
and I'm kinda stumped.

This machine does have the MS TCP/IP stack for Wfw installed and configured
for the company network here (a site that runs Novell); however, I'm confused
as to what I need to do next on this PC to get it to be able to see those
shares offered by Samba.

Can someone either describe the steps involved or point me in the direction of 
document to read on this issue??

Any information, assistance, opinions, etc. are greatly appreciated.

bye for now,
Mark A.Corley 
email (work) => mark.corley at
email (home) => macorley at

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