SMB Accross Subnets

Michael Will Michael_Will at
Thu Apr 9 18:43:58 GMT 1998

I am trying to connect to remote machines NT or SAMBA servers using TCP/IP
(SMB) via Windows 95 and/or Windows NT.  We are connecting to an oracle
database that needs to be mounted consistently one particular way.

I can succesfully issue the run command \\<fully qualified domain name> on
the NT side and everything works great.  However Windows 95 fails!

On the other hand I can issue the run command \\<name> (not the fully
qualified name> and Windows 95 works, but NT fails....

The one server that I'm connecting to is in a small DOMAIN, not running a
WINS server.  Another DOMAIN server is located behind the same router, but
I'm trying to avoid using TRUSTS between each to setup the WINS servers.

I could setup a WINS server on my side and point each client to the server,
but that may interfere later with other client needing to connect to our
server, but controlled by other workers where trusts will never be setup...

Any idea on how to constantly get NT or 95 to use either the fully
qualified name or simple name working?


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