Problems with Samba and Solaris 2.6 (and STATUS..LCK)

Tom Lieuallen toml at ENGR.ORST.EDU
Thu Apr 2 18:10:35 GMT 1998

> > 
> > We have another machine (ultra 140, solaris 2.6) that was running
> > 1.9.17p2.  When I upgraded it to 1.9.18p3, it just didn't work
> > for a number of hours.  We are doing 'security=server' and passing
> > the authentication on to our NT PDC.  The error messages sounded
> > like the NT server was only giving 'guest' authentication, which I
> > guess means that normal encrypted authentication had failed.
> > 
> Read the 1.9.18p3 release notes, especially the bit
> about the 'networkstation user login' parameter with 
> security=server.

<more deleted>

> Jeremy Allison,
> Samba Team.

I finally got a chance to debug this further.  You were right on
track with the 'networkstation user login' suggestion.  If I set it
to 'no', I am able to authenticate.  Let me clarify...  Users
with Domain Admin were able to authenticate with 'networkstation... = yes'.
However, normal users could not.  Once I set it to 'no', normal
users could authenticate.  Our authentication server is our NT PDC.
I'm sure we have removed the right to login to it's console for the
average user.  Could that be causing this situation?

I tried authenticating with invalid accounts and with invalid passwords.
'networkstation user login = no' didn't seem to have any security

If my assumptions above are correct, am I better off allowing people to
login to the PDC's console, or setting networkstation... to 'no'?  It
would be nice to note in the documentation exactly what 
NetWkstaUserLogon really means.  :-)

Thanks in advance -- for any help, and especially for the great job
all of you are doing with Samba.

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