Multiple Hard Drives

Richard Furda rfurda at
Thu Apr 2 06:07:24 GMT 1998

Hello Samba Users,

My name is Rich and I run FreeBSD 2.2.6-STABLE with Samba 1.9.18p4.
I now have 2 9GB UW hard disks. Disk #1 has a partiotion /usr/ with /usr/home.
Second disk is /home2. I would like to add users to /home2 because
partition /usr on disk1 is
getting full. When I change the home of a specific user to "chsh username"
and alter his 
home from /usr/home/$user to /home2/$user I cannot get Samba to recognize
Same goes if I move /usr/home/user to /home2/user and symlink /home2/user
with /usr/home/usr.
I think it's because in [homes] I have "path = /home/%u". Is there a way
around this ??

Second, this might be a silly question, so I apologize. I have a
NetportExpress™ PRO/100 Print Server.
Do i need to add a printer share/setup in smb.conf ? Or is this standalone ?

Rich Furda
rfurda at

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