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Robert Koruna robert.koruna at
Thu Apr 2 07:34:53 GMT 1998


You have to have a unix user with name and password and this user has 
to have a smbpasswd entry in the smbpasswd file.

You can make this account as root saying:
smbpasswd -a user password

After that all should work fine.
Nobody should be able to give himself an account. Only root should be 
allowed to.

But now if have a question myself.

I'm using samba 1.9.18p4 on Slackware.Linux 2.0.33, and I'm not able 
to change my passwords with a win95 client.
Could you please send my an example configuration, how you've set up 
samba at your site, for me to find out what I'm doing wrong ???

Thanks in advance ...


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