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Thu Apr 2 00:04:39 GMT 1998


I am truly sorry if my question has a very easy answer somewhere in the
docs or given to everyone else at birth but... I have posted a couple of
times about my (just my?) problem with samba not recognizing newly added
unix users without restarting samba and not gotten any response. I don't
remember having to do this under 1.7.x but I could be wrong... 

If someone knows the answer to my problem - why it is happening, where to
look for the answer - I would *very much* appreciate you sharing it with
me. I have scanned the docs, checked webcrawler, alta vista, reconfigured,
recompiled an I ain't getting nowhere.

As much as I try I can't know everything and I was hoping this list would
help fill in the gaps.... 

Sorry if my question is stupid - I cant imagine it's soooo baffling!

Andy McRory

"Nobody's perfect - I'm the perfect example"

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