File copying with smbclient vs. IIS

Thorsten Lockert tholo at
Tue Sep 30 21:11:27 GMT 1997

On Tuesday, September 30, 1997 10:46 AM, Remme, Stephen K (Steve) 
> I use PWS (Personal Web Server, scaled down IIS), since I'm running
> NTWS, to publish some UNIX generated documents on our intranet.
> I first created a Samba share for the directory in which the 
> documents reside. Then in PWS I created a 'virtual directory' which
> points to the Samba share (e.g. create share \\Unix\www, then create
> virtual directory '/unixweb', which is an alias for \\Unix\www).
> Maybe you've already tried this or there is some other reason you 
> to move the documents to the server, but, this works great for me.

Yes, well, the server in question is getting on the order of 1 million 
hits a
day, so having it get its pages across a SMB connection is really not


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