PART SUMMARY: Filenames with '*' in them.

George Gallen ggallen at
Tue Sep 30 19:35:04 GMT 1997

Problem: When a filename (on the unix share) contains a "*", the name
              gets mangled.

Solution#1 - Remove the *'s from the Filenames (for me, not possible).

Part Solution#2: (Below)  I say "part" because with this change, now I
see the correct filenames of the unix share from within W95 when I
do a directory. BUT.... I still can't access these files. If I click on
It says It can't find the file "e:\..." even though it displays the name

Does anyone know what routine opens the file requested? Possibly in
that subroutine I will find where to allow it read a file with a "*" in

George Gallen
ggallen at

Description of Part Solution:

By editing out the "*" from mangle.c as an illegal character (see below)
samba will now pass the * along as part of a VALID filename

<beginning of file>
static BOOL illegal_name(char *name)
  static unsigned char illegal[256];
  static BOOL initialised=False;
  unsigned char *s;

  if (!initialised) {
    char *ill = "*\\/?<>|\":{}";    <------ Remove the '*' from the
beginning of *\\/?<>...
    initialised = True;

    bzero((char *)illegal,256);
    for (s = (unsigned char *)ill; *s; s++)
      illegal[*s] = True;

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