SAMBA tuning questions

Sharad Koppikar [ESRI-Redlands] skoppikar at
Fri Sep 26 01:18:12 GMT 1997


I am brand new to this list, so forgive me if this thread has already
been dealt with (although, nothing in the recent archives caught my eye).  
I would be happy to post a summary of the responses I (hopefully) get. 

I am trying to identify the "performance" parameters for the smb.conf
file and after perusing various docs (including Speed.txt), have come 
to the conclusion that the one that makes the most significant difference 
to some of our applications - to the tune of 4x faster, is:

	fake oplocks = yes

I am doing some performance tests on an isolated network (1 NT client
and 1 HP-UX server), so don't have a "real-world" environment to test
in.  I am just wondering whether any of you have any experience with
this parameter - good or bad.  What are the conditions under which one 
can safely use this option without fear of data corruption?

I also suspect that the socket options, and read/write buffer sizes 
would help some.  But given my surfacial knowledge on the subject of
sockets, I have not ventured beyond what was suggested in Speed.txt:

	socket options = TCP_NODELAY
If you have had any performance miracles on any of the following UNIX 
servers with NT 4.0 as a client and are willing to share them with me, 
I would be terribly grateful!

	Solaris 2.x
	HP-UX 10.20
	AIX 4.x
	Digital UNIX 4.x
	IRIX 6.x
Thanks a mega-bunch!

Sharad Koppikar
skoppikar at


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