smbstatus: Unable to open share file

HSteffin at HSteffin at
Thu Sep 25 12:38:57 GMT 1997

hi folks,

i'am just reporting a nuisance and not a big problem.

since i graded up from 15p8 to 17, smbstatus reports correctly the
momentarily active shares. then, (trying ot report share-locked files i
guess) it says

smbstatus: Unable to open share file
          /usr/local/samba/var/locks/share.[a lot if digits].[a lot of

for quite a lot of files actually to be found in that directory, being mode
644, owned by root and zero-sized. a cronjob regulary rm's these if older
then but i think this is not the idea. does smbd forget or is it
lacking rights to remove these files?
smbd is started from inetd as "root root". where is the problem?


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