HELP : Getting Samba to authenticate against YP (NIS)

Gerald W. Carter jerry at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Thu Sep 25 12:46:44 GMT 1997

> > On Wed, 24 Sep 1997, A.Farrow wrote:
> > 
> > > However, I recently heard (although I cannot place the source) that Samba
> > > could authenticate against a YP Server. If this is true, then I am assuming
> > > that this will eliminate the need for a smbpasswd file, and I would then
> > 
> > Getting samba to authenticate against a YP server should be easy to
> > implement if it doesn't happen already.
Does currently happen.

> this is true only if you're using 'encrypt passwords = no', correct?


> > > only have to keep YP and
> > > NT in synchronisation. Still a task, but one less thing to do, and more
> > > importantly
> > > one less thing to get out of synch.
> > 

That's a mouthful. :)  Isn't that still the initial problem?!?!!

> i asked about nisgina recently but didn't get any response.  i'm happily
> using nisgina- on my nt 4.0 workstation.  what isn't working for me
> is the sambapasswdd program which allows nisgina to update the smbpasswd
> entry based on the nis password.  is anyone else successfully using
> sambapasswdd on their samba/nis server?

I remember your question.  Was posted to the nisgina list as well I
believe.  Am really tied up right now but am interested in looking into
it more.  If you can wait until next week, I will dig into it.

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