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Wed Sep 24 19:13:32 GMT 1997

I'm curious; why on earth would anyone/anything create a file called '*'?

I've seen this question before, but I've not figured out if people are
trying to bulletproof a system, or if they actually get files called '*'?

>From DOS (Win-whatever) if you 'del *', only files without a '.' in them
would be removed, so it sounds to me like Samba is expanding the
wildcard, not DOS.

If this is the case, would one need to be concerned with other wilcard

Would a file called '`ls -d /`*' remove all of the files in the root?

On Thu, 25 Sep 1997, Boorman Tim wrote:

> I have a couple of problems with Samba that I would appreciate help
> with:
> 2. When a directory on a UNIX machine contains a file named *, this file
> appears with the name ~16 in Windows Explorer. If this file is deleted
> using Windows Explorer, all the files in the directory on the UNIX
> machine are deleted.


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