HELP : Getting Samba to authenticate against YP (NIS)

Charlie Brady cbrady at
Wed Sep 24 01:58:15 GMT 1997

On Wed, 24 Sep 1997, A.Farrow wrote:

> However, I recently heard (although I cannot place the source) that Samba
> could authenticate against a YP Server. If this is true, then I am assuming
> that this will eliminate the need for a smbpasswd file, and I would then

Getting samba to authenticate against a YP server should be easy to
implement if it doesn't happen already.

> only have to keep YP and
> NT in synchronisation. Still a task, but one less thing to do, and more
> importantly
> one less thing to get out of synch.

There is a (in development) package called nisGINA to get NT to
authenticate against a YP server. This should do the trick.

If you like Linux (it runs on ALPHAs :-)), and follow PAM
(, then there may be a way to authenticate all
*nix services (including samba) against an NT server.

Both approaches would give you a one password database system.

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