HELP : Getting Samba to authenticate against YP (NIS)

A.Farrow A.N.Farrow at
Tue Sep 23 16:28:49 GMT 1997


I have a problem and I was wondering if anyone out there can help, or cast
light on the subject. 

We are currently using Samba on our Alpha Servers to provide home
directories and
applications drives to out NT users. I am in the process of writing a
password synchronisation program which keeps NT, SMB and YP in synch. This
is going to plan
but is an absolute nightmare (funnily enough)

However, I recently heard (although I cannot place the source) that Samba
could authenticate against a YP Server. If this is true, then I am assuming
that this will eliminate the need for a smbpasswd file, and I would then
only have to keep YP and
NT in synchronisation. Still a task, but one less thing to do, and more
one less thing to get out of synch.

So, does anyone know if this is true, and if so how to achieve this? I have
checked all the documentation I have but to no avail. I would appreciate
any help anyone could give me in the matter.

Finally, (as if I haven't talked enough) the same source talked about an
automounter for samba, so no smb.conf file either! Does anyone know of this

Best Regards,

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