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Ludek Babor Babor at
Tue Sep 23 15:54:52 GMT 1997

Hi SAMBA gurus,
I have one question about Samba 1.9.17p1. It's running on Digital UNIX 
3.2B. When I try connect to Samba share,  it connect OK, but in log.smb 
file are these lines (debug level = 1):
negprot w/password server as 18713tep_babor
 Client requested max send size of 61440
baborl logged in as admin user (root privileges)
09/23/97 17:41:58 tep_babor ( connect to service root as
user baborl (uid=21,gid=15) (pid 14863)
This number 18713 is different for every line, max send size is 61440 for 
WindowsNT clients and 2990 for Windows95 clients.
Is it error, or is it OK and if it's OK, is it possible to not write
these lines to log file ??? 
I hope you understand my English ...

Best regards
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