Samba 1.9.17p1 nmbd, processes

Geza Makay makayg at
Mon Sep 22 07:02:42 GMT 1997

Hi everyone,

I have two problems with the new version:
1. With 1.9.1p9 all smbd processes were owned by the appropriate connecting
user. In 1.9.17p1 all processes are owned by root, and they change their
owner to the connecting user only if the process is actually serving some
file read/write or print request (as far as I can see). Why is that? Could
not it be changed back as it was before? It was much easier then to check
(and in case of problems /I mean problems with the user's client program,
and not with Samba/ restart) the user's smbd process.
2. nmbd is somehow broken. Running nmbd 1.9.17p1 makes our server machine
visible in the browse list, but when trying to connect to it it gives the
error "The selected server cannot be found on the network". TEST 8 in
DIAGNOSIS.txt failes. Changing the nmbd process back to an older (1.9.16p9)
version removes the problem.



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