Why WinNT wrks 4.0 does not remember SAMBA password?

Gerald W. Carter jerry at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Thu Sep 18 16:11:00 GMT 1997

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> Subject: Why WinNT wrks 4.0 does not remember SAMBA password?
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> I have small problem,
> my NT requests password every time when I reboot, but only on SAMBA 
> shares, passwd from W95 shares are saved and not requested.
> Any suggestion?
> Pavel

I belive this will go away if you use encrypted passwords on the Samba
server ( not sure though ).  Also once you make the initial connection (
validation) then all subsequent connections go through.

An interesting note to this is that if you use a Samba box to server the
homes directories for you NT accounts, then this connects up normally at
logon time with NO prompt for a password.  If the connection is done as
a presistent connection ( reconnect on login ) then it does ask for a
password.  A dump of the packets revleals that NT passes the password
across for the home directory automatically but not for the persistent
connection [hmmmmmm......]

Anyway, if you mount the use's home directory from a Samba server then
all other connect to THAT server will go through without asking for a
password because the user has already been validated.

Hope this helps some.  If not then just file in the the round file :)

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