Samba Problems.

Ran Zahor ran at
Thu Sep 18 13:44:49 GMT 1997

Dear Samba developers

1. Sombody now why I keep having at the locks folder file named like :


with size of 0 ?!

2. why somtime I have to work with samba with deamons otherwise I can't
connect drives to my PC?!

3. sombody know why without any reason drive become read only and just
after I disconnect , boot the PC , and reconect the drive I can write on
him, even if I am the owner of the folders with full permition (777)?

4. What are the limitaion of number of connection to a share ?

5. How many shares can be decalred at one mechine?

6. The samba run on DIGITAL Alpha Server 2000/500 with DU4.0b,

samba version :  samba-1.9.17p1


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