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Tue Sep 16 18:23:52 GMT 1997

The LPRng folks have been working on this and you can find out about it on
the LPRng mailer-list. My version of Slackware had LPRng and I've been
forced to cope with it. It works, but way too complicated for my needs. It
works best if you LPR directly to the lpd on the unix box. Unfortunately,
according to reports, Win95 doesn't have an LPR function. Not a problem for
me since I have all WinNTws machines. But, my servers are all Linux <grin>.

At 02:01 AM 9/17/97 +1000, Celso Kopp Webber wrote:
>	Hi all, sorry for this off-topic message, but I would like to know
>if anyone is using any print accounting package under Linux, so that one
>could integrate with Samba in such a way that:
>1. if a user print anything to a Samba shared printer, I would like to
>have an account system that counts how many pages he/she have printed,
>perhaps based on the number of bytes received by the spool system. I know
>that I can count the number of pages on a PostScript file, but I cannot do
>that when the data come from Windows drivers;
>2. if a user has its print quota expired, than the system would not allow
>him to print, and send a message to his Win95 console, or perhaps send an
>	Thanks for any help.
>	Celso.
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