Off Topic: print accounting.

Celso Kopp Webber celsinho at
Tue Sep 16 15:55:53 GMT 1997

	Hi all, sorry for this off-topic message, but I would like to know
if anyone is using any print accounting package under Linux, so that one
could integrate with Samba in such a way that:
1. if a user print anything to a Samba shared printer, I would like to
have an account system that counts how many pages he/she have printed,
perhaps based on the number of bytes received by the spool system. I know
that I can count the number of pages on a PostScript file, but I cannot do
that when the data come from Windows drivers;
2. if a user has its print quota expired, than the system would not allow
him to print, and send a message to his Win95 console, or perhaps send an

	Thanks for any help.


Stolen from an Internet user:
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