NT4.0 connecting to Samba shares

Smith Darren B (IT Services) Darren.B.Smith at wmc.com.au
Fri Sep 12 00:53:29 GMT 1997


Sorry to bug you, but I do this as a last resort.  I have a problem 
with NT4.0 and NON public Samba shares.  I can map a network drive 
quite happily and do everything I need to do, but when I log off and go 
to log back on again some time later, the shares won't reconnect.  I 
actually have to physically disconnect the network drive and then re 
map it.  When there are a number of people with quite a number of Samba 
shares it becomes tiresome listening to their complaints.  I have 
scoured your digests, but to no avail......

Can you help??

Darren B. Smith
mailto:Darren.B.Smith at Wmc.Com.Au

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