Problem with Samba

Scott Easterwood speaste at
Thu Sep 11 23:35:53 GMT 1997

Hi, I'm running (well trying really) samba on redhat 4.2. It installed
automatically when I installed redhat, and everything appears to be
running that needs to be on my linux machine. I am able to use samba
locally (from my linux machine to my linux machine) but when I try to
connect via my win95 machine, it doesn't find my linux box on the network.
when I click on entire network, It tells me to check my connection, but
thats gotta be wrong since I can telnet or use etscape from my win95
machine through my linux machine. I had configured my win95 machine first
with novell client, but then found out that was wrong and removed it and
picked the microsoft client. When I use the net view command, I get an
error 51 saying something to the effect of it not being able to find my
samba server. Could someone please help me with this!!

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