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Thu Sep 11 23:39:09 GMT 1997

On Thu, 11 Sep 1997, Lee Havemann wrote:

> >to automate our entire backup procedure (what a conecpt!) using BackupExec
> >running on an NT4.0 WS machine. We have no problems with the NT or 95
> >boxs, but when it tries to touch a samba share (both .16 and .17 versions),
> >it just hangs for long periods of time.
> >
> >Does anyone have a pointer?

I attempted the same thing a while back- even posted a couple of 
questions about it, however, no luck (I assume Arcade = Seagate?)

The problems we were having were due to the Unix filesystems having
names ala Filename.jpg.bak and filename.jpg.BAK and FILEname.jpg
etc which were simply confusing the hell out of the smb process IMO.

Interestingly enough, if I copied the whole tree over to a windows 
box, it backed up fine, but backing up the SMB mounted share 
directly caused files with names like above to go into 'loop' 
and back up > 74G on the same file!!! 

Some people suggested cludgeing the names, but this of course would not 
work in restores since the filenames would change.

Anyway, if anyone has found a work around, please do let me know, I ended
up buying  24G Seagate DDS3 tape unit for the Unix machines in the end, 
simply because I could not find a solution :/



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