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>Has anyone ever tried to use Arcada's BackupExec with samba? We are trying 
>to automate our entire backup procedure (what a conecpt!) using BackupExec
>running on an NT4.0 WS machine. We have no problems with the NT or 95
>boxs, but when it tries to touch a samba share (both .16 and .17 versions),
>it just hangs for long periods of time.
>Does anyone have a pointer?
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We use the NT backup package (a stripped version of Seagate's Backup Exec, AKA Arcada Backup Exec)
to back up our web directories every night (Samba 1.9.17, BSD/OS 2.1).  I created a share,

   comment = For network backup batch file
   path = /var/www
   valid users = backup	
   public = yes
   writable = yes
   printable = no
   create mask = 0664
   write list = @staff

I am using security = server with an NT PDC specified in the smb.conf file.
I was pleasantly suprised at the speed of the backups over the network - averaging 220 MB in under 20
minutes to a Seagate 4mm dat drive.

Can you perform the backup manually while you are logged in on the NT WS? I don't know if Backup
Exec uses the scheduler service to run it's unattended backups, or it has it's own, but you should make
make sure that whoever it is logging in as on the Unix side has the appropriate privs to read all files...

Good luck

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