Still browsing problems with samba-1.9.17p1

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Mon Sep 8 15:16:24 GMT 1997

Hi all,

>With patch 1 of samba 1.9.17, browsing of remote subnets still doesn't
>work:  Windows 95 still only sees workgroups on the SAMBA server's
>local subnet, whereas workgroups on remote subnets are invisible.  SAMBA
>LMB's on remote subnets only see the DMB's workgroups, not even the
>workgroups on the LMB's local subnet :-(  The SAMBA WINS server seems
>OK, since by knowing the WINS name of a remote computer, we can also 
>look up its shares (but not its parent workgroup).

Been said before.

Needs saying again.

Samba only supports ONE workgroup!  It does not distribute information
about any workgroup (to clients or other MBs) about any workgroup except
the one in its 'workgroup =' line in smb.conf

There was once a Multi Workgroup version of Samba that Luke put together,
but I rather think it's dropped out of sight now.

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