Problem browsing network

Ryan Butler rbutler at
Sat Sep 6 02:12:37 GMT 1997

Hello, I'm running samba 1.9.16p11 and have the following problem:

Trying to setup a workgroup on several different subnets...  Myself and
one other computer int he workgroup are on and two other
computers are on, I did a remote announce to one of the
machines and it can see me and talk to me in browse lists (it is using
dhcp and has wins enabled), however, when I do a smbclient -L name it
can't fine it, but if I do smbclient -I x.x.x.x -L name it finds it and
reads from it.  

Also, when I do smbclient -L mymachine I see all the machines in my
workgroup on the local subnet, but not the remote subnets...

I can also see other workgroups on my local subnet, but not on remote

I haven't upgraded to 1.9.17 yet because I can't get it to work with
shadow passwords even after adding -DSHADOW_PWD.

The system is Redhat 4.2

Anyone have any ideas on either problem?



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