Samba-1.9.17p1 Release

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Sat Sep 6 02:36:09 GMT 1997

> 	It might take me a day or so to release 1.9.17
> as I need to create a cvs branch that represents the
> 1.9.17patch tree to allow the main tree to be updated
> as 1.9.18. I am currently examining cvs to learn how
> to do this.

I'd actually steer clear of branches unless they are really necessary.

To create a diff file between 1.9.17 and the current tree just do

1) cvs update to current stuff
2) cvs rdiff -u -r release-1-9-17 samba

this will spit out a complete diff file between 1.9.17 and the current
release. It uses the fact that we tag the repository each time we run

Similarly, to create a diff file of what changed between 1.9.16p11 and
1.9.17 just do:

	cvs rdiff -u -r release-1-9-16p11 -r release-1-9-17 samba

You need the rdiff and not the diff command as the diff command won't
put the correct subdirectory prefixes in the diff file.

Cheers, Andrew

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