Execute problem/bug + workaround

David L. Parsley parsley at roanoke.infi.net
Fri Sep 5 21:41:25 GMT 1997

I installed Corel WP6 to a Samba share recently; for some odd reason, WP
created icons that pointed to \\bserve\rwappshare\office... (etc.) instead
of starting with the mapped drive letter.

(btw, this is under Wfwg, with TCP/IP32b)  Then I noticed that if I
started a different app first, it would work - the workaround for this was
to uncheck 'ghosted connections' in the network control panel applet.  Is
there a bug somewhere? 

Also, I accidentally gave two Wfwg machines the same netbios name - but
instead of reporting an error message, the second box just hung on the way
into windows!

Now - has anybody written a more extensive treatise on Wfwg and SAMBA?
All I can say about that is: "It's goofy as heck, but I can make it work."

Later, samba dudes - and Thanks! to the samba-team.  Despite a few
glitches, on the whole SAMBA is marvelous!

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