Access to the specified device, path or file is denied

Rainer Hauck hauck at
Thu Sep 4 07:57:55 GMT 1997


I've got the following (annoying) problem with my Samba 1.9.17. After
logging in as a user, I'm not able to open anything in the 'Main' and in
the 'Administrative Tools'-window. In many other windows there is the
same problem. The message I receive says:

Application Execution Error:
Access to the specified device, path or file is denied

At the moment I solve the problem the following way:

Before opening anything else I have to open one of the programs that
normally work (word, winzip, ...). After doing so everything works fine.

Any hints, any comments? 

Thanks a lot

Rainer Hauck

P.S.: I've seen the same problem with Samba 1.9.16p10 but not that
often. It appeared only one a week and now it appears at every login.
When logging in as root everything is fine.
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