Win 95 Policy Files

Marco A. Zamora mzamora at
Tue Sep 2 14:17:30 GMT 1997

> From: Eric Bennett <bennett at>
> Subject: Re: Win 95 Policy Files
> > suggestion.  run regedit.exe U:\some_registry_file.reg from a logon
> > script.  each user logging in will automatically ahve the registry
> > updated with the entries you put in some_registry_file.reg.
> You can also set registry keys from within INF files, and you don't get
> the annoying confirmation popup window.  It's undocumented, but seems to
> work well enough and is part of our login script here.
> Let me know if you want examples.

Looks like something I need right now (I'm adding multiple language spelling
and grammar to our admin-net-install of Office97, and have to add it to
existing clients with the Workstation installation config. BTW, anybody have a
painless way of applying the O97 SR-1 patch to a net install?) 

I tried to find out how to do it by looking at existing .INF files, but my
tests have been inconclusive. Can you post some examples?

TIA...			Marco Zamora

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