New WWW site for Samba!

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Tue Sep 2 04:42:41 GMT 1997

The main WWW site for Samba has moved. The new site is:

This finally brings our WWW, ftp, mail and CVS servers all onto the
one machine which should simplify things greatly.

The new machine was kindly donated by Silicon Graphics. It is a
SGI Origin200 server with 256MB of ram and 29GB of disk. It should
satisfy our needs for quite some time!

Many thanks to Silicon Graphics for supporting free software and the
Samba community. 

Many thanks also to Paul Blackman for allowing us to use for so long and for all the work he has put into
the WWW site. 

The new machine also has a new IP address and is better connected to
the internet, bypassing a local ANU router that has been problematic
in the past. 

Please update any links you may have to point to the new site. Also
change any references to to refer instead to samba used to be an alias for arvidsjaur but is now
a separate machine. I have temporarily setup forwarding of WWW, ftp
and mail services from arvidsjaur to samba but this will not be

Cheers, Andrew

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