smbprint.sysv problem for printing from unix to WFWG

kunwar.asif kunwar.asif at
Fri Oct 31 01:34:22 GMT 1997

     Dear users
     Thanks for reading this. Hope you will help me. 
     I am using samba 1.9.17p2 on SunSparc-20 running solaris2.5.1 for 
     printing and file sharing with PC-network. File sharing is working 
     fine but I want to print to a WfWg printer from Solaris. So I have 
     used your script smbprint.sysv and try to print. But I am facing 
     following problems:
     1- Some print jobs are printed and some are not.
     2- I can only do command line printing e.g lp <file name>
     3- I can't print from Xwindows and following message appears on 
     screen: " NO print filter defined..."
     4- If a print job prints in  less then 1 page then it will be merged 
     with next print job. Similarly if a print job is of 4 1/2 pages then 
     only 4 pages will be output and half page will be merged with next 
     print job provided that next print job is sent using the same 
     smbprint.sysv. If the next print job comes from another application 
     e.g. Windows then the remaining portion of previous printjob will be 
     print out first. 
     5- I have installed TCP32b on WFWG print server.
     I am trying to print from unix to WFWG from last 3 months but could 
     not succeeded. Now i become furstrate and need your help to overcome 
     this problem.
     Kunwar Asif Masood
     Following is the script which I am using.
     # now the argument list is just the files to print 
     service="HP LASERJET"
     (# NOTE You may wish to add the line `echo translate' if you want 
     # CR/LF translation when printing.
            echo translate
            echo "print -"
            cat $*
     ) | /usr/local/samba/bin/smbclient "\\\\$server\\$service" $password 
     -N -P  > /dev/null
     exit $?
     My etc/printcap file
     :cm=HP LASERJET on Print server in basement:\ 

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