W95 password change

Philippe GUILLEMETTE philippe.guillemette at wavecom.fr
Tue Oct 28 20:03:06 GMT 1997

>'net password \\server' will work from a DOS prompt.  Actually the
>commend will execute but give an error message.
Thanks for the tip ! Previously, I only used 'net password' and I got the answer that it could not
be run from a dos box. Including server name makes it work fine (I don't have any error message)
and the password is changed :-)))

>I believe that the problem is really the way that Windows 95 transmits
>the password ( both old and new )....in UPPER case.

You're right. On my side, I'll first do a _very_ dirty hack which will force the password to
be lowercased in chgpasswd.c, and request all the unix only users to have lowercase password 
(which is already the case for 99.9 % of them, so no big deal)


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