Windows 95 -> Internet -> Windows 95

Simon Hyde shyde at
Tue Oct 28 18:58:14 GMT 1997

I know this has been asked before, I am looking for a possible solution to
seeing a windows 95 machine from another windows 95 machine (without
touching WINS, since I don't have a WINS server), I've tried sticking the
following in the lmhosts of one of the machines: netbios_name #PRE

However this makes absolutely no difference, and however I try to access
\\netbios_name or \\netbios_name\share it still comes up with error 53:
computer name specified in network name cannot be found. When I reboot the
same PC into Linux and use smbclient with the -I flag all works fine and I
can do what I want.

I realise that this really has absolutely nothing to do with samba, but I
was wondering if anyone had found a solution to this particular problem.

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