1.9.18alpha3 and 1.9.18alpha4

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at switchboard.net
Sat Oct 25 14:16:38 GMT 1997

just to let you all know: the #ifdef NTDOMAIN code in 1.9.18alpha3 is 
stuffed: the offsets for the "opnum" in the RPC_HDR decoding and creation 
are wrong, so it thinks all RPC commands are LSA_CLOSEs.  oops.

this is fixed in the minor 1.9.18alpha4 release.

if you are following the NTDOMAIN code, please always check the main 
samba distribution location samba.anu.edu.au/pub/samba/alpha or get the 
latest using public cvs access (see andrew's message and instructions).

there are still some alignment issues with odd/even string lengths to

certain combinations of domain name, pdc name, user name and workstation
name (i don't think it's user name) are causing login failures, once
you've successfully joined a domain. 

either that, or the long-term session key is generated differently for 
odd and even length machine passwords...

either way, if you can't get a login, try renaming things.  i had a 
failed login with the domain "CB1", username "lkcl", server "monarch", 
workstation "pavlov", but successful with domain "TEST" (the rest unchanged).

i can't check this properly yet, because i can't generate Net Monitor .CAP
files of NT server -> NT workstation logins at the moment.  some help with
this would be appreciated (a matrix of 16 logins is needed, with domain
"test"/"test2", workstation "wksta"/"wksta2", server "ntsrv"/"ntsrv2",
username "user"/"user2") and .CAP files from each.

i know, that's 16 sodding NT workstation reboots and two NT server
reboots, just because microsoft can't get their act together. 


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