NMBD 1.9.17p4 - Will not run on DEC UNIX 3.2G (OSF1)

Dave dburwell at telecom.com
Fri Oct 24 02:17:39 GMT 1997

  I have 1.9.16p11 running great on this machine for the last 4 or 5
months. I just downloaded 1.9.17p4. It compiles without any warnings or
errors. When I try to run "nmbd -H /usr/local/samba/lib/lmhosts -D" there
are no error messages, it doesn't start. A "ps ax |grep nmbd" is blank.
Under normal conditions, it would be listed. Once, it dropped core, but
that doesn't happen each time.
  The smbd -D appears to start, but when I do a smbclient -L machine, a
typical list of services is displayed, but the version shows as 1.9.16.p11,
not the 1.9.17p4 new version smbd that is supposed to run. 
  I have done the "make install", and am running everything out of the
/usr/local/samba directory set. DEC Alpha with Digital UNIX 3.2G. The
Makefile has the OSF1 section uncommented:
# This is for OSF1 (Alpha)
# contributed by errath at balu.kfunigraz.ac.at
# NOTE: You may need -warning_unresolved if you get unresolved symbols
  Any suggestions?
dburwell at telecom.com

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