Simon Hyde shyde at
Fri Oct 24 20:06:31 GMT 1997

On Fri, 24 Oct 1997 12:04:32 +1000, you wrote:

>Hi, is it possible to print to a intel netport express? i am on a linux
>machine, every other machine on the network is a win95 or nt machine and i
>cant figure out why it wont let me print to the netport. when i do
>smbclient '\\Np1\np1_lpt1' -P it just times out and gives this error.
>server NP1, service np1_lpt1
>Get_Hostbyname: Unknown host NP1.
>is it possible to print on this device?
>please reply to my e-mail address since i am not on this list.

Okay, here's what the problem appears to be externally, you need to add the
IP address of your netport, if you know it, to the /etc/hosts file on your
Linux machine or pass it with the -I option on the smbclient command line.
However, I suspect this will not solve the problem and that the problem
runs a little deaper than that and that you probably don't know the IP
address of your NetPort. Do all your PC's run NetBEUI? If so, try removing
the NetBEUI protocol from one of the PC's and seeing if it will print to
the NetPort. If it won't (which I'm pretty positive it won't after having
snooped around on Intel's web page) then it will be impossible to get the
NetPort talking to the Linux machine through Samba until someone releases a
version of samba which will talk NetBEUI and not just TCP/IP. You could,
however, try setting up the builtin support for TCP/IP lpr to the NetPort,
which I have guestimated it will do from Intel's web page. There appear to
be some files for certain versions of unix which enable it to talk to the
netport, you might want to try getting these working on your netport

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