Receiving individual messages (PR#948)

Andrew Tridgell samba-bugs at
Thu Oct 23 08:03:19 GMT 1997

> Does anybody know if it's possible to receive Samba list e-mail messages
> individually instead of as the digest? I find it very difficult to sort out
> what's interesting from what isn't when I have to search through the digest.


This explains how to set/unset digest mode, among other things 
(like how to unsubscribe).

At one time I asked people not to use individual messages because 
the samba mail server was overloaded and couldn't handle the huge
number of mail messages that non-digest mode causes (it would be
about 150,000 messages a day if everyone did it). 

Thanks to a very generous donation from SGI we now have a much more 
powerful server so this is less of a problem.

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