Smbclient Can't See NT 4 Server

Michael Tibor tibor at
Thu Oct 23 01:14:52 GMT 1997

On Wed, 22 Oct 1997, Simon Hyde wrote:

> Perhaps you should listen to what smbclient suggests?

Nope, doesn't work.  After I sent my message to the list, I tried running
smbclient with a higher debug level (10) and I could see that it was in
fact trying the correct ip address for tolkien (  Just
for fun I also specified the ip on the command line using -I, but no luck. 

> I suspect your windows NT machine has a different netbios name to it's

I just verified this, and the names are identical.  I even went into the
Network setup in Control Panel and verified that NetBIOS is in fact
running over TCP/IP.

It's really frustrating, because the 95 machines can see the shares on the
NT box (and the Linux box as well), but the Linux box can only see the
shares on the 95 machines.

I did just check the lmhosts file on the NT box, and I hadn't put in an
entry for itself.  Does it have an identity crisis if I don't add
something like the following? tolkien	#PRE


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